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Connecting Health Care in Our Community

Northwest Denver Connected for Health is a community of partners and community based organizations committed to a set of common goals - reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions, improving information transfer between health care providers and patients, and increasing patient activation and satisfaction.

click to enlargeThe northwest Denver Connected for Health community is comprised of health care providers representing multiple settings within the region, which includes 44 zip codes. Since 2008 partners including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health care agencies, primary care providers, nursing homes, hospice and community stakeholders, have worked together to ensure safer transitions from one health care setting to another. This dedicated group chose the name “Northwest Denver Connected for Health” to represent their community, which seeks to improve communication gaps between health care providers and patients.

You’ve proven that we can make smarter health care decisions and prevent seniors from taking needless trips back and forth to the hospital. You’ve shown that we can ease the burden on our health care system so that our doctors and nurses don’t get bogged down treating preventable problems…You have actually done something that is making a difference for health care and for families.

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet